• 27" x 18.5" x 2.25"
  • Lightweight - 6 lbs.
  • X-ray translucent
  • Impervious

Surface Plane

  • The BariBoard has 2 surface planes, the raised area and the base area. When doing CPR you can apply the Rules of Physical Science: P-F/A. For a given force, if the surface are = (A) is smaller (decreased) the pressure or (force=F) will be greater. A larger surface area spreads out the force, and the pressure or (F) becomes smaller.
  • It is known that it takes 100 lbs. of (F) to perform an adequate chest compression. Knowing this, it would be logical to theorize that one can deliver a more effective chest compression on an obese person if the surface area (A) is decreased since the surface area (A) is the variable in the equation.
  • The BariBoard decreases surface area optimizing the force the rescuer applies to the patient.
  • Specs
  • Surface Plane

More Effective CPR Compressions

The latest innovation in CPR technology. The BARIBOARD enables the rescuers to deliver more effective compressions then ever before, by simply reducing surface area. Designed to support the torso and spine during chest compressions on persons weighing greater than 275 pounds* This revolutionary design is quickly becoming a must have device for all large adult patients in cardiac arrest.

The raised surface is contoured to the large patients' physical characteristics supporting the spine and decreasing surface area thereby increasing the effectiveness of chest compressions by optimizing the force of work exerted by the rescuer.

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* It would be the healthcare providers judgement based on body type and shape whether to use the BariBoard. The same as they would in choosing a large size BP cuff or properly sized ET tube. Does not interfere with BLS and ACLS standards of care.

BariBoard Item List

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